Joining Desoladies

How do I join Desoladies?

You can apply to join Desoladies by filling out the form on the application page. Please note that all applications are reviewed and approved by an actual person, not a computer. Applying is not a guarantee that you will be accepted.

For the quickest results, please be honest in your application and fill out each section fully. The managers review applications on a volunteer basis, so we simply do not have the resources to follow up on applications that are filled out incompletely or incorrectly.

How long does it take to get approved?

Please allow two weeks for a response. If you feel that your application may have been lost or overlooked due to a technical issue, please apply again or message us through the contact section of the website.

I already applied to join Desoladies but haven’t gotten a response. Why not?

There are a variety of reasons why you may not have seen a response to your application:
– Our invitation email ended up in your spam folder
– Your application was not filled out properly (e.g. there was a typo in your email address, you didn’t provide a social media link, you skipped a section)
– Your application or social media contained content that gave us reason to not invite you to the server such as hate speech, aggression, trolling, or intent to harm or abuse the group (see our Code of Conduct for our behavior guidelines and mission statement)

We do not send responses to rejected applications.

If I don’t have a social media account, can I still join?

Our first and foremost priority during our application screening process is the safety of our community. Therefore, we cannot accept completely anonymous applications. We have to be reasonably sure that you are who you say you are. Asking for a social media account is the best compromise that allows you to present your best self (compared to other options such as asking for government ID, which may not be an accurate reflection of who you are).

In very rare cases, managers may waive the social media exception. For example, if you meet one of the Desoladies admins at TI, you may be able to get a Desoladies Discord invite code in person without submitting your social media information on the website.