Desoladies @ TI7


One of the entrances to Key Arena on the first day of The International 7.

The on-screen timer counts down to the start of the day’s games.

Sonneschimmereis and leafypeachy snapping a selfie after the games

A view from inside the arena during drafting.

Holly and leafypeachy enjoying some games and social time outside on the lawn.

Leafypeachy and sheepsticked taking a selfie, featuring sheepstick’s Meepo kigurumi! 

Leafypeachy with eykorr in her Bane cosplay.

A lovely shot of the Space Needle and the fountain next to the lawn.

Leafypeachy catching a selfie with emmydiesalone on their way out of the arena.

A leafypeachy and Ceschiii post-game selfie outside.


The view of the arena from the top!

Leafypeachy, aeroknot, and gengiraffe spending some time together at the Defense of the Patience meetup.

Beedub with Grouty at the Defense of the Patience meetup.

One of our lovely managers, Beedub!

A group table shot with some Desoladies and friends by Gengiraffe.

A cute Polaroid of Ceschiii and sheepsticked!

A group Polaroid shot of some Desoladies and friends on the lawn by Ceschiii.

Leafypeachy and Twee selfie from the Reddit meetup.

Daeja and leafypeachy with big smiles at the Reddit meetup.

Some more Desoladies and friends in a group shot taken by Gengiraffe at the Reddit meetup.

Some of the hero portraits lining the hallways of Key Arena.

o0badwolf0o and Beedub enjoying some of the games together.

Inside the very blue Redbull LAN.

Hyperlexia, Koalafication, and leafypeachy lining up to participate in the women’s 1v1 tournament!

Ephey and leafypeachy embracing the Twitch memes while watching the games.

Another view from inside of the arena.

Lawliepop and leafypeachy enjoying some karaoke.

A shot Gengiraffe took of our karaoke meetup!

Emma and leafypeachy taking a stroll together around Key Arena.

Beedub and Quicksilva snapping a selfie.

A shot from our Desoladies group photo on the last day of TI.

Another group photo shot from eykorr!

And a manager selfie! Superphrenic, leafypeachy, and Beedub.

A close up shot of the banner we had Desoladies sign.

The right side of the banner.

And the left side of the banner.


Thank you to all of the Desoladies who contributed to this photo blog and participated in our meetups at TI7! We look forward to next year being bigger and better.