The International 8: Ticket Information and Tips

On March 15, Valve announced the dates for The International 2018, the largest Dota 2 event of the year. One big surprise? This year’s tournament will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, instead of Seattle. The International is again happening in August, but this year, it’s a little later than we’ve seen before.

Interested in attending? Here’s key information you need to know about buying TI8 tickets:

TI8 Ticket Prices

Ticket TypeDays of EntryCAD CostUSD CostEUR Cost
Midweek TicketMonday to Thursday$125about $97about €79
Finals TicketFriday and Saturday$250about $194about €157
Total CostAll days$375about $290about €236

Highlights from the The International Ticketing FAQ:

  • The International 2018 will take place at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The Main Event is August 20th to August 25th (Monday to Saturday).
  • Tickets go on sale through Ticketmaster on Friday, March 23 at 10:00AM and 10:00PM Pacific Daylight Time. Here is a handy time zone converter.
  • All tickets are general admission. Seating is not assigned in the arena, and there will be no VIP tickets.
  • For ticket-buyers who live in the USA or Canada, tickets will be mailed to you at least two weeks before the event.
  • International ticket orders will be available for pickup at the Toyota Ticket Centre (Gate 10 of Rogers Arena) starting on August 18th. You must bring a government-issued I.D. to claim your tickets.

Extra tips from Desoladies members and TI travel veterans:

  • Expect to add at least another $40 CAD to your ticket order to account for Ticketmaster fees.
  • Purchasing TI tickets is very competitive. Double-check your Ticketmaster account information the night before, and log in early to get ready for the ticket release.
  • Try to purchase tickets on the website and mobile app simultaneously to increase your chances of snagging seats.
  • If you require accessible seating, we strongly recommend that you buy a basic General Admissions ticket during the main ticket drop. Tournament venues often change normal procedures for Dota events (for example, allowing reentry when they usually do not). Accessibility protocol is often different, too. Even though the Rogers Arena says that accessible tickets may be available, don’t gamble on it. Desoladies strongly recommends buying a GA ticket to ensure your entry, then contacting the arena at 604.899.7440 or [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.
  • Many people end up buying too many tickets and reselling them later for face value (or even less). While scalpers are always a last resort, you can likely get tickets for a reasonable price by checking Dota-related subreddits, Discords, and forums, or by checking with your online friends.
  • If you can’t get tickets at all, there is a chance that there will be an outdoor viewing area, as there has been for previous TIs. However, there has been no confirmation of an outdoor viewing area for TI8 yet.
  • If you’re in the US, you will need a passport to fly into Canada. Passports take 6-8 weeks on average to process, so start the process right after you buy your ticket.

Staying in Vancouver

  • The most affordable accommodations near the arena sell out very quickly after the event is announced. Book early! Check these links for local lodgings:
  • Public transit and other methods of getting around are readily available, so don’t be afraid to search a little farther away from the event. Accommodations farther from downtown are generally less expensive. However, keep in mind that daily travel fees stack up the longer you are in Vancouver. Plus, doors generally open at 9:00AM, so staying too far from Rogers Arena may mean you need to choose between solid sleep and solid seats. Read more about Vancouver’s public transit options here.
  • As always, use caution and good sense when finding roommates or purchasing tickets from another person. Check reviews on everything before paying for it.

Thanks for checking out our TI8 Ticket Guide! As the event approaches, we’ll have more posts about lodging, entertainment, getting around the city, and Dota group events. Follow Desoladies on Twitter for more updates.

    (PS: If you are a Desolady, check out our #ti8 Discord channel dedicated to all things TI, including finding roommates, getting tickets, organizing meetups, and more!)