Code of Conduct

Desoladies is committed to creating a positive, inclusive video-gaming community. To maintain our friendly environment, please treat other members respectfully in both discussions and games. Your involvement keeps Desoladies active and awesome!

General Information

Please use your best judgement to determine whether your topic, tone, and wording are appropriate for a friendly, all-ages, Dota-based community. Our members are responsible people who should be free to discuss topics that relate to their lives. However, members should consider the thoughts, feelings, and comfort levels of others.

It’s okay to disagree with other members as long as both parties stay respectful. However, behaviors that are designed to intimidate, shut down conversation, or target, mock, or harass individual members or groups of people are not allowed.

If you notice prohibited behavior or feel someone is crossing the line, please contact a Manager in Discord. The Code of Conduct applies in all Desoladies spaces, including Discord, Twitch, and inhouses. Managers may also take action on disruptive behavior in other spaces, such as harassment conducted through DMs.

Prohibited Behavior

Examples of prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Doxxing
  • Spamming chat
  • Promoting illegal activities
  • Intentional inflammatory speech
  • Harassment, bullying, or threats of any kind
  • Malicious attempts to derail conversations from the original topic
  • Badgering, or the refusal to drop a topic after another member asks you to
  • Sexually explicit material unrelated to health, relationship, or personal concerns
  • Solicitation (asking for money, including GoFundMe links) that is not part of an online store (goods for money) or an established charity fundraiser
  • Using slurs, hate speech, or offensive terms related to (but not limited to) sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national/geographic identity, race, ethnicity, disability, etc. especially if you have been asked to stop using the terms
  • Malicious exploitation of access to Desoladies spaces (e.g. posting screenshots of Desoladies Discord conversations, using the Discord member list to send spam, etc.)
  • Breaking the TOS of Discord, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, or any other site where Desoladies has an account
  • Refusal to follow manager instructions related to the Code of Conduct
  • Advocating or encouraging any of the above behavior

In-Game Behavior

When playing with a Desoladies stack, please stay respectful and avoid toxic or reportable in-game behavior. If you experience a member who routinely disrupts your games, please let us know with relevant screenshots, match IDs, or media links, if possible. See the Inhouse Code of Conduct for more information.

Disciplinary Process

Disruptive behavior is subject to our Watched/Warned/Banned disciplinary policy. Unlike a three-strikes policy, there is no linear progression in W/W/B. Each incident is evaluated by the manager team and given the appropriate response. This policy gives more flexibility in banning members for serious first-time offenses while allowing leeway for upstanding, long-time members involved in smaller incidents.

  • Watched: The manager team keeps a closer eye on the member’s behavior across all platforms (Discord, inhouses, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) to ensure there are no further issues.
  • Warned: The member receives an official warning for their behavior. If the member continues to cause problems, they may be banned. However, if weeks or months pass without incident, the Warned status may expire based on manager discretion.
  • Banned: If the member continues disruptive behavior despite warnings or does something exceptionally harmful, they will be removed from the Desoladies Discord and/or other platforms.

Contact Information

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please tag the Managers in Discord chat or DM any Manager privately.

    Thanks for helping to keep our community safe, fun, and productive!