A promotional image for The Grill featuring illustrated Dota heroes sitting around a grill

The Grill is a talk show featuring women who are making an impact in the Dota scene. The show gives women a way to speak about their passions while increasing visibility for those who work hard behind-the-scenes. We believe that this visibility is imperative to inspiring others to pursue esports-related careers. Check out the first season on YouTube or Twitch. An audio-only version and episode transcripts are also planned for 2018.

A promotional image for Cooldown featuring three blue Dota heroes in front of a timer background


Cooldown is a Desoladies podcast based around news, stories, and controversies in Dota and esports. While Reddit and Twitter focus on immediate reactions to the latest news, Cooldown gives guests time to collect their thoughts before having a productive discussion. The first episode is already available on YouTube, iTunes, and our website, and several more episodes are already in the works.


On our website, we occasionally publish esports articles with a unique or inclusive perspective. Our TI 7 Survival Guide and Boston Major Survival Guide are great primers for people visiting Seattle or Boston for the first time. At the Boston Major, Desoladies manager superphrenic spoke to the theater employees for an unusual outsider perspective. Check out the rest of our written content here.