Inhouse FAQ

How do inhouses work?

Inhouses are led by Epii, the Inhouse Manager. She typically posts a reminder message before the start time, then posts lobby information in #dota_inhouse to let Desoladies join first. If there is space left, she’ll post the lobby information in #dota_everyone to let Allies join.

There are typically three or four games during each inhouse timeslot, though you are welcome to keep playing after the scheduled time! Desoladies inhouses are more about building community than top-tier competition.

Based on member feedback, we changed inhouses to incorporate bot games. This way, you can play new heroes, try out different builds, meet other members, and enjoy Dota in a stress-free setting. Inhouses may also have themes or other game modes (such as all fire heroes or reverse captain’s draft). Having fun is the most important thing!

What time are inhouses?

The current inhouse schedule is pinned in the #dota_everyone channel in Discord. As of January 2018, inhouses are Wednesdays from 12pm to 3pm EST and Saturdays from 4pm to 7pm. Please try to show up a few minutes early so we can start on time! The inhouse schedule may change throughout the year to accommodate more people. Check #dota_everyone for the latest schedule.

If you can’t make the scheduled inhouses, try using the Down to Play (DtP) tags to organize stacks. Each tag corresponds to a server region so you can ping and play with other members on your preferred servers. Fill out the form pinned in #dota_everyone to receive your tags. DtP roles expire every six months so only active members receive notifications. You can request, remove, or change your DtP tags at any time by messaging a Manager.

What is your inhouse Code of Conduct?

The Desoladies Code of Conduct applies to inhouses. All members are expected to treat each other respectfully during inhouses, whether it’s in the game itself, in game chat, or in voice channels. Disruptive behaviors, trolling, and throwing are not permitted, and people who attempt to ruin games may be banned from future inhouses or removed from Desoladies. This is a non-toxic group!

It’s totally fine to try out a new item build or miss a few spells while playing a new hero. That’s part of the learning process. However, behaviors that only serve to hurt your team are not allowed. This includes running down mid, sending the courier to the enemy base, abusing abilities such as Relocate, Recall, or Dark Rift, feeding Divine Rapiers, or AFKing for no reason. As long as you make an honest effort to win, you are welcome in Desoladies inhouses.

What is your microphone policy?

Microphones are recommended, but not required to participate in inhouses. You are strongly encouraged to at least sit in the voice channel so that you can hear your teammates.

In the spirit of our inclusive community, it is not acceptable to target, insult, or harass members based on mic usage. This includes comments based on the perceived masculinity/femininity of someone’s voice, accent, grasp of English, vocabulary, or manner of speaking. It’s okay to ask someone to make minor changes, such as repeating something or moving closer to the mic. However, it is not appropriate to point out or mock things the person can’t change.

Using the microphone to flame, troll, or insult other members is also not allowed. While it’s fine to help to someone who asks for tips, avoid micromanaging or giving excessive, unsolicited feedback. This isn’t TI; we’re here to have fun! People who break these rules may be server-muted for the rest of the game, then banned from future inhouses or removed from Desoladies.

Do you use FACEIT?

We previously used FACEIT to schedule inhouses and we have a Desoladies FACEIT hub. However, many members chose not to sign up for FACEIT accounts, and we simply do not run enough regular games or have enough registered FACEIT users to justify using the site for weekly inhouses. In the future, we may use FACEIT to organize tournaments or other special events.

Still have questions? Contact us here or send a message to any Manager in Discord.