The Grill

Check out season one of The Grill, a talk show featuring women who are making an impact in the Dota scene.

Episode 1: Cosplay

Ashnichrist talks with ReinessaGaming, rehabGnaked, and lilisliph about cosplay creation, their most memorable cosplays, and what they wish people knew about their art.

Episode 2: Community Management

Experienced moderators talk about the differences and difficulties moderating on various platforms. Desoladies Community Manager LeafyPeachy interviews r/dota2 mod Coronaria and veteran mod (and fellow Desoladies Manager) superphrenic.

Episode 3: Team Management

In this June 2017 interview, Evany from Team OG, Helen from Team NP, and Alyssa from Team Planet Odd discuss their experiences working behind-the-scenes in esports, including funny quirks from each team, their unusual responsibilities, and handling visa issues.

Episode 4: Kaci Aitchison

In this interview filmed one month before TI7, Kaci Aitchison confirms her appearance at TI and talks about getting into Dota, working with SirActionSlacks, her year-round job as a reporter, favorite Seattle spots, and what it’s like to draw a cannon on live TV.

Episode 5: Esports Hospitality

Shannon Larkin, hospitality manager for Beyond the Summit, shares her experiences in the hospitality industry, behind-the-scenes information about running esports events, and her love for her fish, Susan.

Episode 6: Dotabuff

In the final episode of season one, Dotabuff co-founder Lawliepop discusses statistics, the history and development of Dotabuff, and what ant larvae taste like.